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Delicate wreath garland floral leaves by Leanne Talbot Nowell
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You can choose from lots of themes in my shop


Great for making party or wedding invitations, greeting or funeral cards, menus, wrapping paper or wall paper. Decorate your next photobook with beautiful borders, wreaths and pretty seamless backgrounds.

Decorate your photographs and calligraphy, quotes and greetings.

Send a loving and personalised ecard to your family and friends, brightened up with watercolour painted flora.


All my little paintings have been photographed and have grown up to become digitized files or graphics. I spend many hours painting and digitalising each flower, stem or leaf. They are separate files so they can be individually rearranged into bouquets, borders, repeating designs, or simply dropped onto the page as a main image. 

To make things a bit easier for those who are not keen to fiddle with clipart I have made some ready to use templates for you. Simply download and pronto! 

Leanne Talbot Nowell primrose


Browse the shop and add your pictures to the cart. Your files will be sent to you by email with your purchase confirmation. Easy Credit card or paypal options are available for payment.

Download them to your device and save in a file. Upload to your editing program and create a masterpiece!

Each watercolour graphic can be manipulated separately. It has a transparent background so can be layered, adjusted to size, turned in any direction, etc. Layer them up or use them as I have here on this page.

You will need an editing program to arrange them the way you want. There are many free and easy to use editing programs available online. You can do it without the actual program on your computer. Easy to do, even on your phone. Most editing programs offer a demo tutorial on how to do it.

OR… if you don’t have time, choose from one of my already made templates available here.

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some watercolor clipart bundles

a few of my ready to print templates

some seamless designs for prints & patterns

a few watercolour Artworks

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