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Italian neighbours


Our neighbour, Rita, wears sundried undies. I couldn’t resist painting them (for you Mandy). When I went down there to paint this watercolour, she cackled and vanished behind the curtain into her den. Poor Rita has a complaining tic, and a voice to go with it. She throws water on our stairs at night so the street cats don’t sleep on the doorsteps. It’s hazardous to take the rubbish-bin out. Marble is very slippery when wet.

The gardener came with his weed-eater. He and Gian-Luca sat on the steps drinking espresso together. The distance between them was about 30 cm.

Marino now has 36 covid-19 cases and 4 have died in total. The Mayor is begging people to unite against the virus by keeping the rules. “Non vanifichiamo gli sforzi” – let’s not frustrate efforts. Yesterday in Italy, the infection rate went up to 3836 with 542 deaths. A message has just arrived on the village app. to say they have an expert who will be taking emails from local businesses to discuss finances. Things were bad already, now they really are in the dwang.

Thanks for all your amazing, positive and thoughtful comments. So good to have friends at a time like this, and I hope we will meet again. In the meantime we keep our spirits up with sharing. As an Easter gift activity I made you a short video – paint an egg. I made it on paper but you could also do it on a real egg if you like.