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Rome is mellowing out.

Quite soggy after days and days of rain. The last of the orange leaves have collapsed onto the streets. We will go into the old city tomorrow for a culture pop-up experience although all museums are shut. But that’s not off-putting because Rome has a street-charm like no other place in the world.

It’s the way the paint peels.

Which brings me to presenting a couple of designs. Every hour or two another one manifests. I’ve taken a moment to write this while the enthusiasm is still bubbling.

That’s another point, living in a bubble can be good for interior design. I was thinking about interiority, the rooms we live in and how we arrange them. A cushion here and vase of flowers there, a mat at the door…it’s a selfscape! Clearly demonstrating your values – (what’s in your bookshelf by the way?) your colours (emotions) – mixed up, matchy-patchy, or plain khaki flannel?

Imagine walking into Caesars Palace and find it coarsely rendered in a sludgy beige crimplene.

Pompeii red garland by Leanne Talbot Nowell

Consider the thoughtful parts of your home – how do you place things for maximum meaning? Is there only one way to display a stained glass window or many ways to arrange a cushion. Home is a 3D catalogue of your life. You can be rich or poor, it doesn’t matter at all. Have you seen what can be done with peeling paint?

Think about your interiorscape, including that special room in your heart. Is there a Voltaire’s garden in there? Or is it a train station?

Before I get carried away in a bubble of glee, here is a glimpse of my work today… you can see more designs on my HOME page.

2021 design natural by Leanne Talbot Nowell

“Living in Rome certainly offers artists an inspiring kick in the pants. One of my favourite things to do is walk around the ancient ‘vincoli’ in search of old walls to photograph.

Especially antique walls that have been painted with ochre clays. Cracks and scratches, patches of crumbling stone and bits of ancient marble create a deep, rich patina.

Combined with dramatic skies and perfect domes, the sight of old Rome is enchanting enough to rock your foundations.

The narrow streets are protected from extreme weather and so the walls have endured longer than those in exposed areas. Unfortunately the patina is fast disappearing under layers of fresh plaster and plastic acrylic paint. 

This collection of “Rome old walls” photographs is a precious source of images which I lovingly use as backgrounds for my hand painted designs. Something between street art and fresco merged with hand painted emblems, made to share as a digital print. 

Leanne’s MEDITERRANEAN… design series explores the decor styles of local empires over the millennia. 

So, with a touch of nostalgia I present  these honest, non-toxic, sustainable decor products. Printed designs on recycled fabrics and papers. Now you can surround yourself with guilt-free decor!”

Roman pine patina fresco by Leanne Talbot Nowell

Wishing you a fabulous Christmas holiday.

Leanne Talbot Nowell
stone chequered print
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A touch of Tuscany for you


As the lockdown in Italy lifted in the middle of June, Simon and I flew the coop as soon as we could, and drove north to the wonderful rolling countryside of Tuscany. What could be more inspiring for an artist than spending a week in the heart of the Chianti winelands in early summer? The weather was perfect, allowing me to paint in the traditional Villa garden without any bother.

With so many vistas and panoramas to choose from, I was like a child running from one beautiful scene to the next. From the courtyard to a secret garden to a shady spot under a cherry tree. Then along cypress tree lined roads, through vineyards and oak forests. A breeze kept the olive trees fluttering their silvery green leaves – a lovely sight that’s altogether more difficult to capture on paper. I forgot to bring my folding chair, so some work was done squatting on the floor.

The staff at the villa were careful not to interrupt the flow of paint and left me in peace to splash away. At the end of the week we put them all up for show and the Villa staff got to choose their favourites, while the rest were eagerly snapped up by our friends who had come from France to ride bikes with Simon. It was, after all, not a public showing, since we still have strict social distancing rules to follow. We kept to the bubble protocol.

Tuscany print series for sale

€25 each

  • Available as a file download.
  • Print your own, any size you want.
  • Buy them here on my website.
  • In 5 minutes you’ll have your artwork file, simply send it to your local print shop.
  • See more details in my shop.

The colours are as fresh and vibrant as the original painting for a fraction of the price.

Each image in this Tuscan series illustrates a scene from the garden of the Santa Chiara di Prumiano Villa. They are available for purchase separately.

They won’t fade or decay, and if properly framed, it will be a piece to treasure for your whole life.

Bring a romantic touch of Italian charm into your home.

The true colours are used in the series so work well in a grouping.

Tuscany watercolour prints make ideal gifts for friends who love Italy!


Tuscany villa Print 1 - Santa Chiara di Prumiano painting by Leanne Talbot Nowell

Tuscany villa

Print 1

Green door Print 4 - Tuscany, door to the secret garden by Leanne Talbot Nowell

Green door

Print 4

Click on the box to view the artwork before purchase.

They cost €25 each. 

Paypal or credit cards accepted.

If you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact me.