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Christmas Star

Christmas Star

Jupiter and Saturn, our family planets, will be close tonight.

Closer than they have been from an Earthling point of view for the past 800 years. Looking up at the night sky on the 21st December brings Christmas into perspective. The light falling into our eyes will have journeyed millions of miles from our sun. Heading out to Jupiter and onwards towards Saturn. Saturn is almost twice as far from Earth as Jupiter.

Apparently it is taking at least 52 minutes from Jupiter and one and a half hours from Saturn to reach Earth. These light waves are tickling our eyeballs as we gaze at the great CONJUNCTION (Christmas star). The light will have left the Sun, travelled millions of kilometers through space, bounced off the planets, and then touch us. According to the wiki, when light reaches our eyeballs, some is absorbed and some is reflected. So after gazing at the Christmas star, how about looking into the eyes the person close to you and exchange some refracted star light? A romantic Christmas gift for your loved one.

Giving gifts has had me reflecting on the effects it has on those who are literally forced to receive them. Unlike a bit of pure sunlight, a gift is a material thing. Whether you like it or not. Simon told me he doesn’t want any more junk. But imagine waking up on Christmas morning to find too much space under the tree. It’s bad enough that a microscopic coil of rna has prevented us from CONJUNCTIONING with all our families this Christmas. At least a little parcel to unwrap? Albeit it should be wrapped in Earth-safe recyclable paper & organic non-cotton ribbon and natural sticky tape. It must also be 100% local, non-toxic useful piece of art which plays nicely with everything else we own.

We are not made only of stardust, but also of starlight.

Being a person who is into planetary conservation and covid avoidance maneuvering, my Christmas shopping has had a light touch. I went to the local pharmacy by e-bike, and bought a bottle of Made in Italy aftershave called CUORE DI PEPE NERO for Simon. Once I got it home I read the extremely long list of mystery ingredients on the sophisticated “packaging from responsible sources”. It doesn’t actually include cuore di pepe nero – heart of black pepper. Good thing! It would most certainly make him sneeze.

Sneezing is the most unacceptable reflex known to man these days. A public sneeze causes instant consternation. I was riding my e-bike in Castel Gandolfo yesterday when someone in my immediate vicinity sneezed. It sent me pedalling off as fast as I could to the next view point. The weather has been sunny and calm, making our pretty lake Albano look like a glassy lenz. I looked down at the fantastic sphere of reflected heaven.

Perhaps tonight we will go to the highest lookout point to see the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the starry sky. I expect it will be reflected in the water too. Imagine that light travelling from the Sun, bouncing off the planets, reflecting off the water and into our eyes where some of it is absorbed into our brain, and some is reflected on each other, and some will possibly be reflected right back to where it came from…

From dust to dust…ashes to ashes…light to light.

Lake Albano photo by Leanne

If you look extremely carefully at the reflection of the mountain in the water, you might be able to see the red algae bloom. Forming a swirl in the middle of lake, a micro copy of our galaxy!

ESA Christmas angel on Mars.

Latest discovery by the European Space Agency – Mars express. An angel near the south pole.

pointsetta flower gift
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