White Daisy clipart


WHITE DAISY watercolour flowers and leaves are hand-painted from life. Bright & breezy – these clean & modern brushstrokes makes DAISY a classic choice for special moments. Design a daisy chain, or add them to bouquets and borders, whatever creative project you want to make.


White DAISY clipart is a set of 8 separate hand-painted watercolour flowers and leaves. Included in this lovely collection are 4 leaf options, 3 different Chrysanthemum daisy flowers and 1 branch of buds.

Bright & breezy, chintzy whites, cool greens and blue-greys blend so well, you just can’t go wrong with this palette.The round, open flowers have pretty bright yellow centers. They are painted in a clean watercolour brushstroke style giving them a luminous cottony feel. The pleated petals are tinted with blue-grey pencil shades, contrasting well with the greens of the leaves.

Blow them up or make them small, group them in a bunch or scatter them around, whatever you do, it’s easy to create wreaths, borders, bouquets or garlands. Just to mention that in some cultures white daisies or chrysanthemums are regarded a funeral flowers or graveyard flowers. Therefore making them ideal for funeral cards and announcements of social media.

Quick and easy digital download.  Your files will be attached to your payment confirmation email.

Included in your download:

  • 8 separate png files with transparent backgrounds
  • 1 watercolour background paper texture

Please download and save your files within 24 hours for security reasons.


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