Ancient ochre texture 2


Roman walls- ANCIENT OCHRE background texture 2 – from in the eternal city of Rome. Antique wall textures add the perfect background for your stylish bouquets, garlands, wreaths and borders. Also ideal for fresco and graffiti effects. Featuring a mix of yellow-oranges, mustard ochre and dirty whites, with washed stone details and lime plaster.

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ANCIENT OCHRE texture 2 is a strongly layered clay pigment very common to the ancient walls of Rome. This heavily weathered, multi-layered effect is a clear testament to hundreds of years of exposure to sun and rain. Textured, worn and washed, this old wall was once painted with natural pigments taken from the clay soils in the region. It certainly speaks of an ancient Mediterranean tradition.

The image includes a large gritty textured surface of ancient ochre paint. Mustard-yellow Ochre pigments are still common to the modern Roman colour palette. Showing up through the layers are some details, scratches and scrapes. A lighter layer was previous to the dark mustard ochre. Bleached lime grit adds sparkle to the scene. You will notice the ochre has washed away on the lower part. This could offer an opportunity for an interesting text divider or footer.

Each file is 20 x 27 cm portrait layout, and 300 dpi for best print quality. If you need larger sizes please contact me.

  • Your download includes 1x JPEG image.


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