Olive leaf watercolour graphics


Olive leaf hand-painted watercolour graphics make a dreamy impression on any page or screen. This soft and pretty collection of painterly olive branches, leaves and olives shimmer in the evening light.  You can arrange them in bouquets, wreaths or borders for your photo books, scrapbooks, travel diaries, stickers and menus. Perfect for whimsical wedding invitations, cards, instagram templates and anything your imagination can create. 


Olive leaf watercolour graphics features 16 beautifully hand-painted leaves, olives and splashes. Included are 5 windblown olive branches with transparent backgrounds. They can be overlayed to create a natural effect. Additionally there are 6 single leaves to fill any gaps in your design or to make a wreath. For bold lettering, I have made 3 watercolour splashes. Use these as layer masks for your give your text or background and painterly touch. Included is a yellow spot of olive oil to make a point.

Your download includes:

  • 16 separate clipart graphics with transparent backgrounds – 16 png files
  • 1 watercolour background paper texture – jpeg file

Quick and easy, the files will be attached to your payment confirmation email.

Please download and save them within 24 hours.


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