Australia clipart set options


Delicate but vibrant with razzmatazz, this set of hand painted indigenous flowers and leaves will knock your socks off. Quick and easy to use for printing or digital media.


A sensational collection of 20 hand-painted watercolour leaves and flowers indigenous to Australia. Naturally vibrant colours so true of the strong Australian spirit, nothing wishy-washy about Aussies. Watercolours need to be bold to portray the energy of that sunny southern hemisphere.

Your download includes:

  • 20 separate images with transparent backgrounds for quick & easy overlay. PNG format.
  • 1 sheet of white watercolour paper – textured background to give your art a natural feel. JPEG format.

All images are 300 dpi, high resolution. Each clipart measures approximately 12 cm – leaves are longer and narrower. If you want to go poster size then please contact me for large files.

Your files will be attached to the confirmation email on payment. Simply download and whallah, you’ll be making those gorgeous invitation cards in 5 minutes.



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