Seamless designs

textile design AUSTRALIA by Leanne Talbot
Printed eco-leather made from recycled plastic. Stain & waterproof textile.


Pastel paintings


Oil paintings

Painting a peony flower in my studio, a timelapse video:


After graduating with a diploma in Textile design in Durban, South Africa, my career path veered toward Graphic design for many reasons. During the following ten years, while I was raising my children, Graphic design was work that I could do from home. Unfortunately the textile industry took a hard hit when Chinese fabrics flooded the market. So I focused on designing logos for businesses, signage and branding. Remember, there were no computers in those days, everything had to be done by hand. One of the most fun and satisfying activities was giving art lessons to lots of kids, at schools and in my studio at home.

Little School

My mom and I opened a small business designing and manufacturing a range of preschool equipment called “Little School”. Our principal products ranged from symbol stickers for classrooms to punch bags for the playground. We supplied over 100 schools in South Africa for a period of about four years, until life changed drastically with a new job in Italy.


As a family we moved to Rome in 1998. This move opened up some new challenges like learning Italian, putting kids through school, and a divorce. However, this didn’t stop me painting and I enjoyed showing my work in group exhibitions in Rome and eventually to more freelance Graphic design and book illustrations for the World Food Programme, Food and Agricultural Organisation etc.


Luckily I met Simon, and we are now happily married. He has been a champion supporter of my art, and enabled me to show my work in New York and study the Charles Bargue drawing course under the expert instruction of Andrea J. Smith at her Canova studio in Rome.

Amongst all sorts of projects, one of the most fun was an picture book for my grandchildren called Blue Rabbit, which you can find on Amazon or Blurb. Watercolour is a versatile medium, especially for illustrating travel diaries! The most recent being a two month solo bicycle ride from Rome to Oslo, which I rode over 4000 kms, painting scenery along the way. Some of which are published on my blog. Others are waiting to be printed in a book in the making.


The current project called paperbrush, is a collection of watercolour illustrations for use in all sorts of creative ways. You can arrange them to decorate your invitations or webpages, make wallpaper, print fabrics, project onto ceilings, whatever you fancy. Further explanations on the about page and descriptions on the shop page.

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