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Leanne Talbot Nowell Jutz watercolour illustrations


I'm happy to share my watercolour illustrations with you on this website. They are available as instant digital downloads from the shop page. A fabulous way to share them, instead of printing and posting them around the world to your doorstep. Here you can choose what you want and simply download them immediately, ready to add to your project. An added bonus is it causes much less damage to the environment by reducing transport pollution. Background. I graduated from uni with a diploma in Textile Design which morphed into a career in graphic design because there were many more work opportunities. Pattern-making and illustrating has led me to paint with an eye for all types of artistic decoration. Art is everywhere, not only hanging on the walls. Influences. I am a South African based in Rome, Italy. Living in the splendid world of Italian culture certainly can be a little overwhelming, but mostly inspirational. See the long story on my portfolio page.

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