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Life is one vast and intermingled creature!

Flying south from Norway to Rome in a tightly packed aeroplane amid the virus turmoil makes you think about the atmospheric soup we live in. One wades through the airport aeroplankton with bated breath and blinking eyes. The air is loaded with microscopic microbes including viruses, about a thousand species of bacteria, about 40 000 types of fungi and hundreds of species of protists, algae, mosses and liverworts. To be exact “aeroplankton deposits hundreds of millions of airborne viruses and tens of millions of bacteria every day on every square meter around the planet”. So we may as well relax and get on with things.

Back home now in my dusty arthropod-infested studio. Gazing out of the window, paintbrush poised and sky glittering with spider webs. Apparently it is spider “ballooning” time when the little babies set themselves afloat at the end of a long string of their own making. Periculous adventure indeed under black clouds of whirling starling birds. Starlings who perform mesmerising aerobatics in search of floating niblets. They wing-dance their way down into the city to roost in the tops of Rome’s iconic Umbrella Pines. Our beautiful Pines not only support millions of birds but recently a mean alien western conifer seed bug has been imported from Western America. It munches on pine cones so there are no more pine nuts for the delish “Torta della nonna”….a yummy tart Made in Italy by grandma. How sad is that!

This past month went by in whirl of cuteness and adoration. Our children and grandchildren shared their stories, toys and games with us. We took long magical walks in the woods together. Abundant food served at a round table with plenty of hearty chatter. It was an especially difficult goodbye when it came time to leave, the rip and tear was sorely felt, but some comfort gained by a sweet touch of humble pride in our children’s achievements. A blessing is full colour.

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7 thoughts on “AEROPLANKTON

  1. What a beautiful post dear Leanne. I can almost ‘feel’ your hurt in saying bye bye to your loved ones in Norway. They must miss you so much too!!!

    1. Thanks Jo, it’s a big consolation knowing they have a good life there in Norway. Being far away is unfortunate but we are all well connected so can’t complain too much.

  2. Welcome home! ❤️Such a wonderful time with family, will there be a possibility of Christmas? That bug which affected the pine trees reminded me of a beetle which has infected the pine trees in Canada, totally decimating the forests. So sad to see.

  3. So beautifully written Leanne !! Love reading your blogs !! you are so talented …. still want to come to Rome , rent an e-bike and ride through Italy with you 🙂 xxxx tons of hugs Conny

    1. We are waiting for you Conny, ready when you are!

  4. Beautiful Leanne. So glad you had real quality time with the family. Those kids look toooooo cute! all wrapped up in their multiple layers of warm clothing!

    1. Thanks so much, it was extra special after such a long year. x

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