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Writing to you from a comfy bed in my daughters spare room in Norway.

After the spring lockdown at home in Rome followed by an intensely local summer we took the first edgy opportunity to jet up to the north to visit our children.

Six of them altogether.

Two being grandchildren, two offspring and two partners. So here we are together after a year of separation.

In Norway there has been no strict lockdowns as people are respectful of social distancing. No mask wearing in the shops or restaurants until now. The Covid infection rate is low and tracing efficient. When we arrived at the airport we took a free test which came back negative. Ten days later we came out of quarantine with relief and congratulations from the neighbours.

Three weeks later – Today we would be heading home but we’ve run into another quarantine. News of some children at the banehage “kindergarten” having been tested positive for COVID-19. Classrooms closed and now the working parents are battling through their days teleworking at home with toddlers demanding undivided attention. You should see the mass pushchair patrolling in this neighbourhood.

In the meantime we’re making meal plans and getting into a rhythm which may well become a semi-permanent stay. I’m enjoying the 3 generation family life and learning to cook again. Each of us has a work station in the house, even the tiniest cutie and they know what quarantine means, so they keep away from neighbour friends.

The news from Italy looks scary, thousands of new infections every day! We are going into a dark winter this year. The bright and beautiful light in that bleakness is being together with family this time. Although we’re missing our Australians and South Africans, knowing they’re in the southern summer sunshine is a small comfort.

To all of you on the same planet with Covid lurking nearby, take extreme care of yourselves, max each minute, and keep smiling.

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  1. Hi Leanne, glad to hear you well and able to enjoy time with your family despite the difficult situation we are all in. I long to see my family but will have to wait for longer for a family reunion. Still no idea what will happen at Christmas – just hoping and praying that the girls will be able to come home safely. Take care and I look forward to reading your updates until you get back to Marino. xx

    1. So nice to hear from you Margaret, I certainly hope by Christmas the ‘wave’ will be retreating for good. Take good care of yourself so long and enjoy some ‘Hygge’ as the Norwegians say. Cosy projects and decor around the house. X💝X

  2. Lovely that you are with your family, enjoy every moment of it….not a bad place to be in quarantine. Yes we have been very fortunate in SA, and now we have summer to look forward to, so all should be good. Stay safe stay healthy. Lots of love. Benedicte

    1. Thanks so much Benedicte, all the best and lots of love 😘

  3. Wishing you and your family good health during these coming winter months and looking forward to reading about your experiences, and seeing your beautiful rework!

    1. Thanks Mandy, and wishing you and your family the best health and happiness. Still waiting for your visit to Marino which is now delayed for a while. Next summer??

  4. It is so nice that you can spend time with your family and knowing what it is like in Italy the longer you can be in Norway the better. Too bad they didn’t live in Australia and you would be safer still. Hopefully tomorrow Victorian will finally get out of the lockdown as Melbourne have now had 8 days of no cases and no deaths. Stay well, stay safe 🤗🌹

    1. Such good news for Australia Sally, thank goodness! Italy is suffering again. 37000 new cases yesterday!

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