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What goes around – comes around.

blog by Leanne Talbot Nowell

Gian-Luca, our only male neighbour, leaned out of his window for a chat.

Nurse Marilena, lives with him. She works seven days a week at a private hospital in Rome. He said she is afraid of catching the virus, even if she’s working in the general wards not yet on the front line. The patients are NOT tested before they are admitted. I think Gian-Lu is more afraid that she will bring the virus home to him. Then his friend Nerto will be forced to stop visiting. He lives with his elderly mother. We’ve known Nerto for years as the local tattoo-covered waiter, doing the rounds working at the 40 different restaurants in Marino.

Our house shares it’s walls with eleven other apartments. Most of them occupied by old ladies who live alone. Simon wonders why they are all widowed. I could write a couple of books about the amazing things they tell me. Not sure how they are all doing at the moment. The corona cases are going up every day in Marino. The municipal app keeps us informed of that. Yesterday the Palm Sunday church service was broadcast on the lamp-post speakers.

This painting was done before our 130 year old home facade was renovated. After a very bewildering experience of building a relationship with the renovation team, we now have bright new yellow facade. I need a face renovation too. The lockdown facial expression doesn’t keep the muscles toned. Although yesterday, after the picnic, we had a little water fight on the terrace which was a laugh.

26 Days….and still ticking.

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