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Sailing away

sailing away

Are you beginning to think “now what should I do today that is worth writing home about”? Since most of us are at home, the question is simply doing something “worth writing about” ….on our home page of course. That’s where the challenge lies. After 24 days of putting words to paintings I’m beginning to wonder. (Even though I’m totally blown away by your encouraging response to my doodling). The homepage challenge has buoyed me up with good friends, and new connections to old friends, all of whom keep me afloat.

Looking out of my loft spy window I can see Renata making her bed, dressed in a grey nighty. The daisy bush is looking especially magnificent in the slanted morning sunshine. Unlike her gardener who hasn’t brushed her teeth or hair this morning. So the challenge is this – paint & write OR clean the house? The answer is as clear as day.

The Sailing Away painting, which hangs in Simon’s office at work, is today’s offering in honour of a friend who likes it very much, and is now in hospital with covid-19. I’m pretty certain he would prefer to be on that yacht.

In Marino there are 22 sick people, and we’ve sadly lost one. The number has doubled since last week, although we still feel it’s manageable.

Today our family is (remotely) celebrating Ste’s birthday. As a gift he received a 2 ply toilet roll. Megan (his wife my daughter) says Norway is completely sold out of yeast and flour. Everyone is making their own bread.

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