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Lizard brain.

kitchen view watercolour by Leanne Talbot Nowell

Splendid weather in Rome today nr. 22, there is a bracing mix of wind, wispy cloud and sunshine. Thinking with my lizard-brain these days. Getting up in the morning, making coffee, going up to the loft, writing, painting, sunning myself while watching bees work the daisy bush. Staring at the latest painting lying there on my messy painting table. Wondering whether it’s good enough to inflict on my friends.

Our Mayor makes announcements and broadcasts the Italian National Anthem on the lampost speakers at regular intervals. The Church bells often ring, which is more concerning than comforting. A neighbour yelled rather nastily at the noisy kids in the apartment across the street. Renata, Immaculata, Rita, and the old man sit and look out of their separate windows all day. It has been ages since there was any sign from Immaculata. I must call her now.

Last night our Prime Minister, Conte, announced an extension of PHASE 1 to the middling-end of April. PHASE 2 will be announced when the time is right. Then we’ll go to PHASE 3 which is the part when we must go out and kick start the economy.

Simon limped up the street to his favorite butcher and now the freezer is jam packed. We decorated our dinner plates with primrose flowers and mint leaves from the terrace. We’re doing a family food presentation competition to keep the standards up. The farmer was supposed to deliver veggies but he didn’t arrive as planned. Hope he’s ok.

I’m unhappy to say Italy’s infection rate went up again yesterday to 4782. We’re apparently teetering on the peak with 727 deaths. There is no doubt the virus had ample time to float around in Northern Italy before anyone realised it was there. Thinking of all the medical staff who are on the front lines, we must find of a way to help them.

Today’s painting is the scene from my kitchen window. I stood at the kitchen sink and splashed on the paint. The building is a bit redder than it should be.

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