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Yellow Ranunculus watercolour

Watercolour illustration of yellow Ranunculus

Cheerful yellow for you this Sunday. Today we ventured out to the farmers market, and were cheerfully greeted by the organizers. Fully masked and gloved of course.

There were very few customers but the market is bigger than ever, with nice wooden walkways all around. It’s very encouraging to see this, it almost brought me to my knees with gratitude. Sitting writing about it brings some tears and a lump in the throat.

Not for myself, but for everybody everywhere, a sign that things will be ok, that the world is full of people who will get up early in the morning and bring lovely fresh food to you.

That is love conquering fear.

Our neighbours across the road hung up their “Andr√† tutto bene” (everything will be ok) flag on their balcony and we waved at each other.

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