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Venturing out

My house

Simon threw me out of the house this evening. He said we should take a quick walk and check if Marino is still jello. Weirdly eery, just the sound of our steps and police cars driving around to check that people like us are staying at home.

The church bells began to toll at 18:00. Lamp post speakers crackled to life. People appeared at the windows and stared down at us. Some were filming us. Simon tried to blend with a tree, but I managed to get this bit of footage before flying back to the safety of my nest in the loft.

Sad to say that 358 people died from coronavirus in the past 24 hrs, which is a record high. The average age of those who died is 80 years old.

The government are offering Eur 1400 per family to get people through this time if they can’t go to work. No mortgage, no utilities and no tax payments for now.

It is so good to hear the sound of birds and kid voices for a change. Usually the blacksmith hammering downstairs drowns out all pretty sounds. He makes amazing wrought iron gates and things, but heck, what a noise. Then there’s our busy, busy street.
Strangely there are no ambulance sirens! No tourist buses. And the sky is a lovely blue, with no crisscrossing airplane trails. It’s really peaceful.

By the way, the Amazon fairy delivered my art paper.

Walking in Marino

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