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Hello from my perch

Marino watercolour by Leanne Talbot Nowell

Hello from the ‘perch’ in my loft, which is quite messy. One advantage of living in lockdown is that you can be sure that nobody will see you without bra and makeup, except your poor long-suffering husband.
Usually at midday I hear a little “hunger” call from Simon who is teleworking downstairs.
We set the table and open a bottle of the best vino in our small collection. May as well make the best of it while we last.
Yesterday 250 people died from the virus in Italy. That’s worse than it’s been. We watch a lot of TV in the afternoon.
Thank heavens for whatsapp and facebook, they keep us connected. Someone organised a flashmob at 18.00, where everyone sang or played an instrument from windows and balconies. I played the tambourine and did a weird version of the tarantula – a mad dance from the south. Today we’ll do it again at midday. Even in lockdown this country rocks!
The watercolour you see here was painted a while back and it is now owned by my friend Carol. It features the main street of Marino, Corso Trieste, with the Church tower…which makes me think….for whom the bell tolls?

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