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Applause for doctors and nurses

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There were general applause from all the windows at midday, for the medical staff who are working very hard these days. A nurse, Marilina, lives downstairs, so I clapped extra loud, but I think she’s probably at the hospital. There are 3500 new cases today (18:00). Huge number because of the socializing that went on last weekend before the lockdown.
Death rate went down to 175 and the recovered rate went up to 527, so that’s encouraging.
Happy to tell you that a team of nine Chinese doctors have arrived in Rome and brought 31 tonnes of equipment with them! Respirators etc.

Our Health Minister is on TV reassuring people and explaining things. He has asked us to buy only “Made in Italy” products.

Simon went for a run around the lake. His was the only car parked there. There were four other rebels like him on the 10 km track. Lunch was a disappointing mush of couscous, but I promised him dinner will be divine.

I baked a batch of Ouma’s buttermilk rusks, which shatter with each bite, but they taste ok.

We need to go shopping for veggies and bread tomorrow. The local supermarket is about 200m from the house. Usually I would stop for a cappuccino at Wunderkammer Bar, but they’re closed. I will put on my mask and stand in line with a good distance between customers. I’ll let you know tomorrow how that goes.

I painted some cheerful yellow ranunculus today, but will need to do some touching up before showing them to you. Hoping the watercolour paper ordered from Amazon will arrive soon. Running out of paper here!
Made in Italy pink pastel peony for my mother.

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