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Cycling through olive groves

Autumn has brought dark red leaves to the vines here in Salento (southern Puglia, Italy) Blue sky, blue sea, red soil and red leaves. But mostly the green olive trees dominate the landscape. Today as we rode our bicycles through the groves a sea breeze knocked ripe black olives down onto the waiting nets. I love the white rocky outcrops and crumbling stone walls that run between the trees. It’s an ancient landscape that makes me think of old bones. Earth bones.

I stopped to draw some olive leaves just as the sun was sinking, sitting on the ancient knuckles of the tree. “Suggestivo” is the Italian expression for these type of dramatic but calm moments.

Some of my painted olive leaves are in the

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Watercolour or Watercolor?

Since getting back from the big long bike ride, I have been busy painting watercolours and setting up a little online shop that will hopefully be up and running very soon. Juggling the erratic internet available here in the village of Marino reminds me of the day riding over the Apennine mountain range…lost.

However, for those who have clicked their way to my webpage expecting to see clipart, only to find it under construction, please come back and look very soon. In the meantime, I had better get back to work…