44. Grande Finale Day – OSLO ! (July 24)

Suddenly Oslo popped up, and my family were waiting for me at the finish line! .

Bike-ride_0291.jpgMy first hugs in a long time! and 4138 kms since I left home.
Photos still to come, but most of you have seen the video on Instagram or Facebook. It was a very happy moment, although it feels like a dream. About 56 days of riding, is enough to become a habit, so tomorrow I may wake up to the usual feeling of ‘get up, get going”. But Elia will be awake before me I suspect, and bring me back to another reality.

Tyrone navigated the way to Oslo after a sumptuous breakfast at the rather posh old hotel on the beach in Moss. It was hot, and we rode in a very determined mode, along good cycle tracks past Ås, and Ski and onwards.
Bike ride_0292.jpg

Bike ride_0293.jpg

Finishing with a long speedy downhill into the city, and arriving in front of the marble Opera House. Megs and Stefano had made a banner with ROME TO OSLO written very large on it, and a finish line tape.

Ty had sped off ahead to photograph the scene, but I got caught up in a large crowd of pedestrians at the traffic light, who I overtook and went blasting through the middle of the banner in a flash, tearing it in half.

I wish I could do it again more slowly…. (tearing the banner I mean).

Exquisite Baby Elia was ok with being given to a stinky old cyclist for kisses.

Bike ride_0294.jpg

All the wonderful messages from friends came popping up on my phone as soon as the video was shared. Everyone has been incredibly generous with words of congratulations, and I am so glad that you were pleased to see me finish.
After a sprinkling of confetti, delicious Proseco, deep red South African wine, and a fabulous meal, it is time for rest.
I will write again tomorrow….

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Albert Einstein said: "Life is like riding a bicycle, to stay balanced you've got to keep moving". So to keep moving at my age, I'm wobbled off on my bike on the 26th May 2018. Starting from home in Rome and aiming for Oslo in Norway, to visit my family. (We are South African scatterlings). In a few words, I cycled up the spine of Italy along the hilly Apennines, across the Po valley and up over the Alps. Slightly west at Lake Constance to get into the Rhine Valley and heading up to Hamburg and then over to Denmark. A long haul up the west coast of Sweden into Norway and arrived in Oslo on the 24th July 2018. Admittedly it's much quicker to jet back and forth, but this time I'm going green, hoping to inspire others to ride their bikes too. E-bikes have made it possible to travel around much more easily, even for the unfit 'over-the-hill' grandmothers like me. Along the way I stopped to paint watercolour sketches, take photographs, visit beautiful towns. I hope to put this amazing adventure into a little book for those who fancy doing something similar.

10 thoughts on “44. Grande Finale Day – OSLO ! (July 24)

  1. Awesome! Amazing! Inspiring! Thanks Lea for sharing your wonderful adventure with all of us – including the stunningly artistic photos. What a truly remarkable journey … physically as well as spiritually … A HUGE WELL DONE! I’m missing your regular updates already – it was fab to follow you all the way from ROME TO OSLO!! WOW! Love and Hugs to Megs, Steph and Elia … and Ty … and Simi & YOU, of course!!! xxxxxx


    1. Thanks so much Debs, for all you positive and generous messages, great to hear from you. There is one more blog, published today…just to finish off properly. Love 🌼❤️🌼⭐️🌼


    2. Thanks so much for following along Debs, it has been a great adventure. You always write such invigorating comments! Back in Marino now, waiting for my Aussies to arrive from Brisbane.


  2. Congratulations 🏁
    Your journey as you have written, photographed and painted is ready to be published. No editing needed. You shared everything first hand with all the emotions and reflections of each day notwithstanding your fatigue.
    You are a born winner Leanne.
    May you always have the blessings from above.
    Don’t set off again too soon though😘
    Missing your company!


  3. You are my hero!
    Congratulations for the incredibile adventure, I can’t wait to hear your voice telling all the stories that I read from your blog.
    And certainly I want to see all the paintings that you have done, see you soon, GRANDE DONNA!


    1. Thanks so much Gloria, so many stories to tell, but not very many paintings unfortunately… but thank you for following and your words which kept me going. You’re a true friend xxx


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