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37. Beautiful Baltic (July 14)

It has been 3 days since I wrote to you last. No time for blogging or photo uploading when I’m with friends. It is 6 am, and today is going to be a marathon ride. Off to breakfast now.

It rained on Wednesday, so Regina showed me around Hamburg, and I had a comfortable and dry day off. Photos to follow.

We rode together to Lübeck on Thursday, where we had a glass of Proseco to celebrate the big 3000km mark, right in the old centre. That evening we slept at the ArtHotel in Scharbeutz. Beautiful Baltic coast, lined with fancy homes and swish restaurants. Magical riding along there!

106 kms.

Slow start on Friday, but nice riding all the way up north towards Puttgarden. Said goodbye to Regina and Zoe at Burg, and dashed across to the ferry. Many huge trucks on the ship and one little bicycle.

Arrived in Rødby and took the first hotel…”Stop and Sleep”.

96 kms


2 thoughts on “37. Beautiful Baltic (July 14)

  1. It’s been lovely following your travels here from UK. You have been amazing. Not so far to go now! 🚴‍♀️ 🇳🇴

    1. Thanks Mel, highly recommended trip if you have time!

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