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28. Würstsalat. (June 29)

Würstsalat has been bugging me since Freiburg. People order the stuff everywhere. At the biergarten in Bingen, today for lunch, a woman next to me ordered it, and so did I.
It was served in a glass jar with a lid.


Rather fun to eat with a fork, a bit like spaghetti, but it didn’t taste remotely like pasta. Other than the vinegar, there are other ingredients involved, all of them unrecognisable to me. I presume the flavour is a mix of the standard salat cream (which may or may not contain diary), and the smokiness of the pink würst…which is in English just fancy polony.

It was rather satisfying to eat, although it must be doing terrible things to my cholesterol levels. I’ve got to stop having all these würsts, schnitzels, and bread with FAT….this evening I was served bread and a little ceramic dish of fat to put on the bread. It is perfectly white with bits of cured meat in it. I just took a tiny scraping….but the guilt was 100x bigger.


This morning in Mainz, which is a lovely city, I found an E-bike shop and asked the nice smartly dressed young salesman, to please check my pedals. He did, and declared them – tight.
I got the feeling that he thought I was just looking for some attention. He wished me well and I whizzed away.Bike-ride_0085.jpg

Simon is arriving on Saturday to keep me company for the weekend. I’m very pleased, but rather concerned he will be a bit shocked at my vagabond appearance.

A month of sun and wind every day, has darkened my face to a motley brown (nose in particular) , but my glasses have protected my eye skin, so that’s all white, with pink piggy eyes (allergies). Arms are brown sticks with pronounced muscles, legs are tanned only on the back of the calves, and I still have tan stripes on the white feet. Back of the ankles are a mess from pedal bites. The hand bones seem very pronounced, with a vice grip!

As for my clothes, I wear the same stretch pants every evening, as it gets a bit cool at the terrace restaurants and there are mosquitoes around. The nice little frock I brought with me for the evenings is far too short for the leg tan.

My hair…oh dear! In Italian – “Un casino”

This morning after the church bells gonged and gonged until i woke up at 6 am, I painted a new sign for the handlebar bag. The other one was dull and nobody was talking to me. So I made a very cheerful watercolour, with the Italian flag in one corner and the Norwegian in the other, and wrote Roma – Oslo.

Rome to Oslo

There was instant interest from passersby, and 3 lady cyclists form Amsterdam called after me: “Roma Roma…” so I stopped and we were like a gaggle of geese, getting all the info we could get about one another.

On the ferry crossing over the Rhein once more, a large group of loud men, doing their annual cycling tour, took it upon themselves to include me in their photographs. Then kindly offered ‘ladies first’ when we had to disembark on a steep bank. Haha, I shot up there so fast with my battery on turbo…and heard them all having a laugh.


Odometer 2144.8
Only 60 kms today, as I don’t want to go too far as Simon will be coming in at the FR airport…and he will drive to wherever I may end up today.

Here are some pictures of the day.
Bike ride_0082.jpg
Bike ride_0084.jpg

Bike ride_0086.jpg
Bike ride_0087.jpg
Bike ride_0088.jpg

Bike ride_0090.jpg

Bike ride_0095.jpg

Bike ride_0093.jpg

I am so sorry about the lack of maps, but the hotels have terrible wifi, so I can’t spend time checking how to make them and save them. Maybe next week when things get tough. I ‘ll be off the cycle tracks and navigating every wheel turn of the way.

Thanks to you all, for your encouragement and generous remarks. It gives me so much strength to carry on! Love!

8 thoughts on “28. Würstsalat. (June 29)

  1. Hi Leanne, following you on the side faithfully and loving every word, photo and story, so amazing. Loving this experience that “things” just pop up whenever you need it. That´s the spirit <3

    1. Thanks Helle ❤️, just had the weekend at Loreley with Simon, but on the road again today. Thanks for following in good spirit 🤗

  2. Dear Mrs Nowell Don’t run so fast In Mainz there are the Chagall windows in the cathedral to be seen Get into Rheingau ( the stretch the Rhein goes from east to west ) where monasteries and castles await! Metternich castle produces excellent wine and your husband and you will enjoy a weekend.

    Music everywhere Regards NicoNUmann

    Il giorno ven 29 giu 2018 alle 10:15 Over the Hill ha scritto:

    > Over the Hill posted: “Würstsalat has been bugging me since Freiburg. > People order the stuff everywhere. At the biergarten in Bingen, today for > lunch, a woman next to me ordered it, and so did I. It was served in a > glass jar with a lid. Rather fun to eat with a fork, a bit l” >

    1. Thanks Nico, very good comments, I did see the Chagall windows (not this trip) fantastic! But you are right, I am going very slowly, as Simon will meet me around the famous Loreley area. Certainly so beautiful here, I will stop to paint.

  3. ah, ah, ah… you are realizing during this trip how much you became Italian living in Italy, especially for the food!
    The grace that shines through every word of your stories really enchants me, your descriptions are always delicate even if sometimes what happens it is not really “pleasant”…
    thanks for sharing the trip with us with photos and stories. I feel “in” your stories, in fact I’m all the time in fear that will reappears that man that was annoying you for a couple of days 😉
    keep going, baby, you are beautiful and Saturday Simon will tell you for sure!

    1. Gloria, you give me power!!! with your kind words, thank you !!! Xxxx

  4. Leanne, you are doing so well!!!! Hope you don’t mind – I have shared some of your blogs with a teacher at school as she and her hubby are going to cycle around Europe for 6 months next year. She was so interested!!!!

    1. Please do share, of course! Believe me it takes hours to do the blog, so if it is of interest to anyone that is fantastic. Thanks Meryl xxx

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