7. San Filippo to Buonconvento – Day 5 (June 1)

It rained. Not much fun to bike in the rain.
So we only set off at lunch time, in time to stop for lunch.
After a miserable attempt at standing under a tree for cover while large trucks dashed us with road spray.

The salad at Fonte all Vena in San Quirico d’Orcia, is a assortment of leaves, collected by a girl in Pienza.
She roams the countryside picking all sorts of wild things. It was quite exquisite to eat.


Our pilgrim ‘passport’ gets a stamp at every town along the Francigena way. This is the road the Archbishop Sigeric of Canterbury took to reach Rome in 990 AD. Pilgrims follow the same route, in the same way they do for as the Camino di Santiago.
Canterbury to Rome is the way of the heart. I will talk more about it in another blog.


Simon riding through San Quirico.

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Albert Einstein said: "Life is like riding a bicycle, to stay balanced you've got to keep moving". So to keep moving at my age, I'm wobbled off on my bike on the 26th May 2018. Starting from home in Rome and aiming for Oslo in Norway, to visit my family. (We are South African scatterlings). In a few words, I cycled up the spine of Italy along the hilly Apennines, across the Po valley and up over the Alps. Slightly west at Lake Constance to get into the Rhine Valley and heading up to Hamburg and then over to Denmark. A long haul up the west coast of Sweden into Norway and arrived in Oslo on the 24th July 2018. Admittedly it's much quicker to jet back and forth, but this time I'm going green, hoping to inspire others to ride their bikes too. E-bikes have made it possible to travel around much more easily, even for the unfit 'over-the-hill' grandmothers like me. Along the way I stopped to paint watercolour sketches, take photographs, visit beautiful towns. I hope to put this amazing adventure into a little book for those who fancy doing something similar.

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