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4. Francigena – the old road. (May 28)

Simon and I left Nonna Loreta to clean up our breakfast dishes, and rode up into the hills, passing a pretty sanctuary for a blessing. It is Brandon’s 30th birthday today!

Madonna del Sorba
I met Doris, a very nice lady from Bremen who is walking the pilgrimage to St.Peters.

Flocks of white butterflies are doing their thing. Chickens are popular out here on the farms, I hear them crowing across the fields.
Two little dogs ran out to nip our heals.

Excellent lunch of what looked like worms, with mushrooms…they are called bighetti pasta.

Power bar stop. The roads changed from gravel, to dust, to high speed tarmac, but always always full of holes and rough patches.

Simon phoned ahead to Vetralla for a room. He used the Francigena guide book for a recommendation. Especially for Pilgrims from the north.
The place is rustic. Our beds are raw mattresses with a bit of paper down the centre. It’s a little loft with plastic walls, and as hot as hell. I lay in the heat for a while then gave up and came down to the lobby where I took the chair seat cushions and lay them in a row and lay there with achey joints all night. We only rode 56kms, but it was mostly very rough and steep. Mountain bikes would be more suitable.

Highlight of the Day. In the village of Campagnano there was a market in the square. A little boy of about 6 years, came up to me while I was pushing my bike along. He stopped me and reached up to gently stroke the handlebar bag, looked up at me with huge brown eyes and asked if my bike was all new? I said it was. He traced my bike picture with his finger….. until his mother dragged him away.

4 thoughts on “4. Francigena – the old road. (May 28)

  1. Oh Leanne, i thought our Camino was tough. I think i’d rather walk than be on a bumpy dusty road on a bike. Can imagine how your butt must be aching.
    This same day 2 years ago we were, maybe in Cebreiro or Alto do Poyo, and i feared not to be able to make it all the way to Santiago. But you gave me the push to carry on.
    When Simi must leave you to go back to work you will have to count only on yourself. I trust in your intuitions but when in doubt and there is fear of uncertainess just say these words “Jesus is in my heart”. And you will be fine. Trust me😘.

    1. Thanks dear Marmi, yes my butt is aching! Haha. You were great on the camino, so brave!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful start and the joint pain is only in the beginning. You will be as strong as ever from this ride <3

  3. Loving the descriptions!!!!!

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