Hello and welcome to my portfolio….


I’m LeAnne Nowell, a surface pattern designer and painter living in Rome, Italy.


I make unique repeating patterns for sale on fabric and wallpaper, or for licence. 


I am happy to create a personalized pattern or illustration for your project. Scroll down to see more and do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.


Use my designs for



-wrapping paper

-cards & party sets for events


Recent work

Here you can scroll down to see my designs which are available to purchase in my online shop at or 

Simply search my name Leanne Nowell and you’ll find lots more options! 

Printed on your choice of fabric, various wallpaper options AND ready made products. Throw blankets, cushion covers, cups, shirts….whatever you like.

Italian ceramics design

Italian ceramic bowls by Leanne Nowell
Italian ceramics repeating pattern by Leanne Nowell
Leanne Nowell - Italian dishes tablecloth repeating design
Italian dishes tablecloth
placemats little ceramic bowls
Little Italian bowls placemats

 Table linen and adhesive papers. 

Lemon drops neutral fabric design
Neutral gold drops

Valentine hearts rainbow colors

Heart rainbow colours by Leanne Nowell
Hearts Leanne Nowell
Valentine hearts rainbow colors by Leanne Nowell

This heart design features text. 36 words for love in different languages including english words that describe what love is.  Also available to order without text.

Leanne Nowell valentine hearts textile design
Valentine hearts rainbow colors
Cherry tomatoes delicious ditsy Leanne Nowell
Cherry tomatoes delicious ditsy
Tomatoes & sage spoonflower
Tomatoes and sage
Green tomatoes delicious ditsy by Leanne Nowell
Green tomatoes
sea green tomatoes block print pattern by Leanne Nowell

Victorian glasshouse peel & stick wallpaper fresco

Victorian greenhouse glass design
Victorian greenhouse glass windows repeating pattern
palm in terracotta pot by Leanne Nowell
Palm in terracotta pot

See the collection and purchase options here


Sage and parrots by Leanne Nowell
Sage and Periwinkle parrots by Leanne Nowell
Sage & Periwinkle Parrots
Green emerald parrots
Green Emerald Parrots
Purple Parrots by Leanne Nowell
Purple Parrots
Exotic pink parrots by Leanne Nowell
Exotic pink parrots

Rose Garden Antique

cushion rose garden antique by LeAnne
Rose Garden Antique by Leanne


Hand-painted roses on a dark maroon background.


See printed collection in my Spoonflower shop, or contact me for a custom order.

Rose Garden Green
rose garden green repeating pattern
rose garden green fabric design by Leanne Nowell
Gingham blue and white -Leanne Nowell
Rose garden blue
Roses on silver gray, hand painted
rose garden pink peach floral
pink candy stripes
Leanne Talbot Nowell pattern designer - Australia autumn

100% original artwork – licence available.

Contact me for details.

Or purchase printed fabric and wallpaper from Spoonflower

moonlit leaves autumn LeAnne


fika coffee break by Leanne Nowell
Scandinavian coffee pattern
Scandinavian coffee break fika
Scandinavian coffee serviettes
Scandinavian coffee break serviettes.
hygge nordic red pattern by Leanne nowell
Hygge Nordic red
Fika swedish flag

Who needs FIKA …a Swedish style coffee break? Swedish flag yellow.

Atmospheric botanics

Transparent petals LeAnne
Petali melone
Otherworldly botanicals pattern by Leanne Nowell
Otherworldly organics 1
otherworldly organics pastel
Otherworldly organics pastel
otherworldly organics pastel soft fabric
Otherworldly organics pastel

Roman cyclamen floral

PAPERBRUSH cyclamen surface pattern

Navy & Burgundy floral featuring Roman Cyclamen flowers, butterflies and foliage.

Fabric & Wallpaper and home decor products in this design available to purchase on


DIY your own design with these hand painted Cyclamen flowers and leaves. Clipart set available right here in my shop.

Bird of Paradise

Layers of delicate petals and smooth lines painted by hand. Strelitzia flowers are always chic and exotic, perfectly elegant!

Bird of paradise green
See the collection
bird of paradise red double
throw pillow strelitzia bird of paradise by Leanne Nowell

King Protea navy blue Floral

leanne talbot nowell design
King Protea navy blue floral
King Protea navy blue floral by Leanne Talbot Nowell
King white painting by Leanne Talbot Nowell

Fabric, wallpaper and sewn decor items available here.

Penny Gum navy bedding by Leanne Talbot Nowell
see options
Penny Gum Navy design
Penny Gum Navy

Vintage floral

Vintage floral Australia, dark turquoise by Leanne Nowell
Vintage floral dark turquoise
Vintage floral pink surface pattern Leanne Nowell
Vintage floral
Vintage floral placemats
australia bouquet design by Leanne talbot nowell
australian bouquet cushion

Australian native flowers on white. Hand painted watercolour flowers and leaves.

Available from

Gold diamond
Gold kingly
Blue Kingly Leanne Nowell
Blue diamond geo

Moonlit forest leaves

Eucalyptus cascade

australian autumn gum cascade
25% off cushion covers until 5 July - BUY
Leanne Talbot Nowell pattern designer - Australia autumn
Autumn Eucalyptus falling
Leanne Talbot Nowell Australian gum cascade
Autumn gum cascade
autumn eucalyptus cushion by Leanne Talbot Nowell

Autumn Eucalyptus leaves falling surface patterns. Hand painted watercolour artwork. Available for licence or order directly from me. The moonlit forest design is available on

pillow from Spoonflower
moody moonlit forest
moonlit forest leaves wallpaper paperbrush
moonlit forest leaves hand painted watercolor by paperbrush

Olive natural Collection - Watercolors

olive branch watercolour artwork by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Olive tree with birds by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Olive leaves, birds and flowers
Leanne Talbot Nowell cushion olive natural
Leanne Talbot Nowell Olive pattern
Olive leaf surface pattern by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Olive leaf pattern white throw by Leanne Talbot Nowell
olive branch jade Leanne Talbot Nowell
black olive motif
Olive birds eggshell blue by Leanne Nowell

Fabric, wallpaper and many sewn products are available to purchase from my shop at


Tulipani geo skyblue
Tulipani geo sky blue
floral tulip honeydew
Tulipani honeydew
Ogee intertwined by Leanne
Ogee intertwined
Floral sky blue web
Tulipani floral sky blue
Tulipani sky blue ogee
ogee b&w
ogee b&w

Birding birder birds pattern

Birders (Twitcher’s or Dude’s as they are known in birding jargon) should be equipped with camouflage patterns, so not to frighten away the birds. A warm blanket for the hide, a backpack for the camera and binoculars, a water bottle…there are many products featuring this pattern in my shop at or 

Also available on eco-leather for bags or outdoor tablecloths etc. @ €40 per meter. Contact me to order. 

License this collection? send me a message.

birding design by Leanne Nowell at paperbrush
birding world by Leanne Nowell at paperbrush
Birding world

Tea towel

risotto al limone recipe leanne
Hand-written recipe tea towel

This hand-painted tea towel or wall hanging is printed on natural linen & cotton mix fabric. With a lovely natural texture and medium weight, this fabric blend of 55% linen and 45% cotton offers the durability of linen with the softness of cotton. The slubby hand lends character to table linens, while its absorbency makes it a favorite for tea towels.


I painted this lemony rice recipe illustration in watercolor and wrote the recipe by hand for a personal touch. Translated from a genuine Italian recipe.


High quality product.

Printed and shipped by


You also have the option of purchasing the fabric to at a cheaper price and sewing the hem yourself.

Buy printed fabric for DIY sewing projects

€ 18

You may also like this wall hanging. See options here.


Tropical yellow by Leanne Talbot Nowell
floral design by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Tropical Yellow jumbo floral
Tropical floral pink by Leanne Nowell
Tropical floral natural pinks and greens
Tropical floral ultramarine blue by Leanne Nowell
Tropical Ultramarine floral on navy
Tropical floral blue cushion by Leanne Nowell
Leanne Nowell wallpaper
Tropical blue cushion Leanne Nowell
Exotic tropical forest pattern by Leanne Nowell
Exotic tropical forest flowers available to purchase from Soceity6

Very Peri fantasy floral

Very peri floral by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Very peri fantasy floral Leanne Talbot Nowell
Very Peri fantasy floral pattern
very peri tartan slub
plaid check very peri 1
wallpaper stripe
Very peri pale by Leanne Talbot Nowell
very peri magenta Leanne Nowell
Shadow very peri stripe by Leanne Nowell
wallpaper stripe detail
Very peri purple by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Selected fabrics and Wallpapers are available from
Leanne Talbot Nowell
Printed on recycled eco-leather.


daisy pop periwinkle
Daisy pop periwinkle veri peri
daisy pop blue ditsy
daisy pop simple flower
daisy pop summer
Daisy pop stems
daisy pop ditzy by Leanne Nowell
Daisy pop ditsy periwinkle

Lemony lemon lime

Lemons by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Lemon Lattice
Sorrento lemon lattic

Sorrento lemon printed fabric  available to purchase directly from me. Please contact me if you want the licence.

Also available to purchase on

Lemon lime by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Lemon lime by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Lemon painting by Leanne
Lime blu tiles

Save the Orangutan Collection

Orangutan navy fabric
Orangutan cup
Orangutan face mask
qr code for Orangutan cup
baby Orangutan
Orangutan teal design
Orangutan dark green fabric
Green bananas teal fabric
Banana bunches teal fabric
Banana geo light
Banana geo light
Orangutan cup
Orangutan dark green throw
Orangutan dark green throw
Banana bunches teal place mats
Orangutan light wallpaper
Orangutan light wallpaper
Orangutan faces natural
Orangutan faces natural
Orangutan faces natural
Orangutan faces natural
Orangutan yoga pants by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Leanne Nowell

Qualified Textile Designer with a Diploma from the Durban Technical University in South Africa. Many of my designs are available to purchase on and or contact me for a licence.

Victorian Glasshouse Collection

Collection fabric and wallpaper is on sale at For outdoor fabric please contact me for details.

Victorian glasshouse white
Victorian glasshouse by Leanne Nowell Wallpaper
Autumn vineyard by Leanne Nowell

Autumn Vineyard Collection

Burgundy red autumn vines by Leanne Nowell
Burgundy red autumn vines
Leanne Talbot Nowell Silver rings
Leanne Talbot Nowell silver gold collection
Gold rings by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Leanne Talbot Nowell design
ring chain pizazz
Leanne Talbot Nowell rings


Protea design by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Protea floral surface pattern by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Protea Floral light
KING PROTEA AND BIRD surface pattern by Leanne Nowell
Protea and Sunbird design ONE - watercolor paper white
Protea and malachite sunbird pattern by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Protea and Sunbird design TWO - terracotta pink
Sunbird wing dot pattern by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Sunbird wing dot pattern
artwork by Leanne Talbot Nowell
wallpaper by paperbrush
Red leafy protea by leanne Nowell
Protea and sunbird squiggle by Leanne Nowell
Sunbird wiggle pattern
Protea Christmas card
protea floral chain by Leanne Nowell
protea colorway
floral geo pink
little flowers pink
Mint geo pattern Protea by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Mint shweshwe
little floral mint surface pattern by Leanne Nowell
protea watercolor painting
placemat protea watercolor floral pattern

Silver gum

Penny gum surface patterns paperbrush
penny gum design by paperbrush
Leanne Nowell - penny gum on navy
See the collection here
Leanne Talbot Nowell watercolor painting
fiat 500 red car Italian christmas
Christmas napkins Marino Laziale
Toile de jouy style surface pattern Christmas

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

Red and white Toile, ribbons and zigzaggedy stripes for us this 2021.

Design features our home town Marino south of Rome.

Contact me for digital downloadable wrapping paper and cards. 

Leanne Nowell red ribbon
Christmas runner
Christmas cushion
fiat cinquecento red surface pattern Leanne Nowell
Leanne Nowell red and white stripe
Backpack available to purchase from (click here)
Ice crystal pattern by Leanne Talbot Nowell

This ICE CRYSTALs design won a prize on Spoonflower. Take a look at Ice crystals design collection in my shop PAPERBURSH on the Spoonflower website. Also available on home furnishing and other products.

Available printed on fabric or wallpaper at my online shop at, or contact me for direct purchase, License or printed goods.


African night by Leanne Talbot Nowell at Paperbrush
watercolour animals by Leanne Talbot Nowell
throw blanket by Leanne Talbot Nowell


Bugs in the greenery by Leanne Talbot Nowell at Paperbrush
Bugs in the greenery, printed on organic cotton fabric. See options
vegetable garden by Leanne Nowell
leanne nowell vegetable garden low res
leanne's garden light paperbrush

These will be available on SPOONFLOWER in a couple of weeks.

vegetable garden painting

Little Geo Ditsy prints

Blue petal geometric surface pattern Leanne Talbot Nowell
Ditsy blue cornflower
Petal geometric neutral surface pattern by Leanne Talbot Nowell
Ditsy triangle stars
Blue petal navy Leanne Talbot Nowell
Ditsy indigo petals
net blu surface pattern Leanne Talbot Nowell
Ditsy starry sky

Sweeti collection