seamless DESIGNS | PAPERBRUSH watercolour elements



Decorate anything with art ! Beginning with a simple card … all the way to printing fabrics.

This is a high quality DIY supply store for your design project.

Branding, decor, labels, webpages, social media, wedding themes, whatever needs a bit of colour and pop. See more on uses the ABOUT page.


to use paperbrush designs

Choose a design you fancy. Click on it and see the full set of design products available. The artwork is all original hand-painted watercolour which have been scanned and converted to digital graphics. Now we can easily download, save and edit them. Edit with a app such as CANVA.

Once you’ve purchased the graphics you want, the file will be attached your payment confirmation email. Simply save the files on your computer then use an editing program to create your project.

Paperbrush designs are license free for personal use only, if you’re using them to create a product to sell then please contact me for a commercial license. Thanks.