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Hi, have you noticed how design in 2020 is bringing plants to our attention as our natural world vanishes.

These collections feature a variety of flowers and greenery painted in spontaneous, fluid brush strokes. I think it’s comforting to be surrounded by botanicals.

I create patterns for… 

Interior or Fashion Designers looking for exclusive prints 

Printed merchandise for shops 

Branding and Website Designers

Or simply order a unique design for yourself!

wrapping paper – textile prints – wallpapers – web resources – apparel – scrapbooking – backgrounds – bags – etc

Leanne Talbot paperbrush

Featured Design

Leanne Talbot Nowell meadow seamless seamless prints
Meadow flowers seamless design for print

Delightful blue primroses make this design perfect for your spring collection. Available printed on a range of beautiful natural fabrics. For prices please contact me.

Download this design for DIGITAL WALLPAPER here.


Current work

African landscape fabric collection
African fashion design

African Landscapes from the sky


Tuscany blue iris design
Tuscany Blue Iris
textile design australia



capri lemon print designs

Capri lemon collection

Easter Chocolate Bunny textile
Easter theme print
Easter chocolate feast
Easter Chick seamless design

Prints are available on a huge range of fabrics for clothing, swimwear, safe products for children’s wear, interiors and furniture textiles and wallpapers.

The following collections are NOT available until further notice. My hard disk crashed and I cannot access them for now. Hopefully they will be recovered before long.

olive leaf print design

Olive grove collection

Daisy pop artboard design
artboard daisy prints

Daisy pop collection


Rose garden

peace lily artboard prints

Peace lily collection 

commissions welcome

Watercolour illustrations - seamless prints - exclusive weddings & events design

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