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Cloud WATERCOLOR PAINTING by Leanne Talbot Nowell

A breezy breath of fresh air fabric designs for your next decor project.

Get this atmospheric watercolour artwork file free with your fabric order. Or buy it from my shop. I will send you the file for print. You can adjust the size to fit your space. It looks amazing printed on textured paper. Simply send it to your best local print service agent.

hot air balloon repeating design
hot-air balloons
rainbow check fabric
Rainbow check
cloud colors stripe

You can choose any fabric type to suit your project – upholstery, percale sheeting, chinz, sateen, stretch…the range is huge.

Sherbet POPPY collection ready for orders...

Original watercolour art -SHERBET POPPIES 40cm x 30 cm on paper
poppy stamens

A family of

Iceland Sherbet Poppies are simply gorgeous this season. The growers have come up with a range of exquisite uplifting colours - fresh warm peach, coral, ballet shoe pinks & blue whites make happy art. I loved painting these soft, crinkly petals. Accent colours in various greens, yellow, mustard, dove grey make this a perfect decor design to brighten up your room. Now is a great time to get renew your living space don't you agree?
A huge range of textiles to choose from. I'm so excited to be able to offer you high quality prints delivered to your doorstep!
Minimum order is 1 meter.

Interior decorators are suggest we avoid mixy matchy decor, so I have designed a slightly off-beat traditional floral, stripe and geometric that don't clash but belong together... like a family.

pink poppy print
Poppy print - seamless design
textile design coral pink cheque
Coral pink chequered seamless design
coral poppy geometric print
poppy flower repeating design in coral, peach, pink and golden green.
gold spots
soft gold painted spots repeating design
stripe poppy pink coral
Poppy stripes, coral, pink and neutrals
poppy petal watercolour
poppy petal watercolour artwork print

Easier now than ever to order online. Let me know if you are searching for something specific. Sizes and colours can be edited and personalized. 


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Cycle tour & painting journal

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Simon Jutz, watercolour by Leanne Talbot Nowell

Italy in quarantine Illustrated

Italy lockdown stories & daily painting of our neighbourhood - day one to fifty.

diary Olive


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Water works

See some splashy watery watercolours I made while on vacation on the island this summer.

olive branch with 3 olives

ARTY IDEAS – You can use my clipart to add to your own projects.

Great for decorating PHOTO BOOKS, INVITATIONS, CARDS or social media POSTS. 

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Evoca la bellezza dell’Italia e abbellisci il tuo spazio con questo ART PRINT, che prende spunto dall’acqua abbondante che caratterizza questo meraviglioso angolo del nostro pianeta.

Evoke the beauty of Italy and embellish your space with this print, which takes its cue from the abundant water that characterizes this wonderful corner of our planet.

 Purchase the digital file in my shop. Please contact me if you want this large size at no extra cost. I will need your email address so I can send you the bigger file for max resolution.

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